How to Wash and Care the Washing Machine

The use of the washing machine seems like something familiar to find in these days. In fact, the fungus and dirt that comes out of our clothes when washed can stick to the inside of the washing machine. So, it is very important to clean your washing machine once a month so that you can keep the machine operating properly and be able to clean clothes optimally. What do you expect from lavadoras industriales when it comes to the needs of cleaning and maintaining the washing machine?

Well, for a ‘washing’ washing machine, cover the top using natural ingredients that only take a few minutes to clean. Before starting the cleaning process, prepare some of the necessary equipment: Two cups of vinegar, a bottle of sponge filled with vinegar to the full, a toothbrush, a sponge, and one bucket of warm water.

First, spray vinegar cleaning liquid inside the sponge bottle into the washing machine and between it. Also clean the top evenly. Use a sponge to wipe the entire surface of the washing machine. Starting from the top of the washing machine, wipe between the covers of the washing machine to the inside and the surface of the stainless steel.

Then, to reach a narrow area, use a toothbrush to brush off stains and dirt. Toothbrushes can also clean sticky dirt like used softener liquid. Next, remove the clothes softener liquid container and clean it. If you often use a clothing softener, this container needs to be cleaned because of the softening properties that tend to be sticky and can crust.

Don’t forget to rinse the entire surface that is cleaned using water. Prepare a bucket of warm water to rinse the brushed surface using a sponge and toothbrush. This step is important to remove dirt quickly before it dries again. Pour two cups of vinegar into the washing machine. Vinegar serves to cleanse and sterilize mold and musty odors in a washing machine that cannot be reached by hand to clean.

Turn on the washing machine with regular washing methods and use hot water. While vinegar and clean water have not been removed from the machine, you can end the cleaning process by operating the washing machine normally. When it’s finished, your washing machine is ready for use.

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