Know the Reason Behind the Importance of Doing the Wifi Site Survey in Toronto

Why is wifi site survey Toronto important for you? There are many things that we certainly don’t know. Then make sure that you will choose someone who is professional both for conducting surveys or for installing wifi.

The distance above 50 meters should use wifi specifically for outdoor point to point mode. Wifi indoor access points that are commonly used in a room with a small antenna installed usually only cover an area of ​​30 to 50 meters, if you are going to create a WiFi network with wide coverage and a long range then don’t even think about installing with an indoor wifi device with an antenna that has default power.

It would be better to use an outdoor wifi device that has a large power and the specification states that the wifi can reach or be connected at a great distance, in a matter of kilometers not in meters. Wifi usually lists their device specs, that the device can reach a distance of 50 km.

Don’t rely too heavily on the specifications of a wifi device. Some questioners often assume that when the specifications of the wifi device are mentioned that the range can reach 50 km, even without careful survey and planning, the installation will succeed 100 percent.

I say that you are very wrong, I think that people like that are still amateur and have no idea about wifi or radio frequency. Installation at a distance of above 1 Km, requires a survey that ensures that between one side and the other side there are no obstacles. Need survey devices such as GPS, telescope binoculars and so on to make sure there are absolutely no obstacles in the middle. Installations over a distance of 10 km require more expensive enhancements, installation at this distance requires an altitude of about 10 to 30 meters above the ground to place the wifi antenna. At distances above 1 km meters, the wifi mode used is the point to point and not point to multipoint as used in wifi hotspots.

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