Lack of Payment Using Cash Money

The rapidly changing technology requires people to observe the times. Do not get out of date and just cannot take advantage of the various conveniences offered through these technologies. One application of technology is in terms of providing an alternative non-cash service channel. If you understand and be observant in using 소액결제 현금, there are many benefits that can be used to save.

However, you must remain vigilant against crime. If you use non-cash payment instruments inadvertently and inadvertently, it could be dangerous to you and your financial condition. Then, how to safely use non-cash payment instruments? Fill your electronic money with sufficient funds and as needed.

Filling in electronic money with excessive amounts, triggers you to be a more consumptive person, and has a higher risk if a loss occurs. If in the form of a card, put a special mark so as not to be confused with someone else’s card. For registered electronic money users, do not share your personal data with others to avoid misuse.

In addition, payment by this method is more practical than using cash. Here are some cash shortages:

– Take up space

A lot of money requires a special place to be stored or moved to the place of the transaction. To be sure, wallets or piggy banks will not be able to accommodate the sheets of money. As for using this payment, you only need your mobile phone.

– Not safe

The security factor is the most crucial factor related to money. When you bring a lot of money, you have to make sure the money is safe from pickpocketing. So also when you decide to save a lot of money. There will be a lot of theft action that may occur, as tight as any level of security you have.

– Uncomfortable

Discomfort in transactions in cash is often felt by many people, namely queued. In every transaction, there is a job of counting the payout, counting the change, and making sure all the money handed over is genuine.