Like love, affection, friendship

For a test in life, for all those words that do not quite fill the broad heart. Will always present angeli who fill, picking fragments of split spirit, spread then infections began to infect. Everyone must have problems in his life-anyone-does not know their age, gender or social status. Lost will always be an option, lose direction as if the compass in your hand dims, stops and your street directions disappear. You may not know who to hold the hand, but we know. Something that teaches us love, love, and friendship. The name is not unfamiliar, the figure is also, angeli called for the rainbow for you in need.

The love of angeli will never lie. Your level of happiness is directly proportional to how willing you are to move. Because the butterfly is able to fly after leaving his old body. There is no need for noise in the sound, no need to pretend in the form; just need logic and a sense of harmony between your eyes and ears-then you will believe that the angel figure will always be there for you.