Potty Training for Dog

Know when it’s time to train your golden lab dog. Begin your bowel training as soon as you bring the puppy home. After the trip home, take the puppy out to your favorite toilet bowl and let the animal sniff around the area. If the puppy urinates or defecates, give the animal a reward. Take the dog to the bowl on a regular basis (every 20 minutes) and when the animal is defecating there, pet your pet with praise.

The times when the puppy is most likely to relieve is immediately after eating and 20 minutes after eating. Take him out during these two periods. This initial stage is about fun coincidences and rewards your pet. Do not worry if the dog does not understand it right from the start, but never punish him for pissing in the house. Punishing a dog for urinating or defecating inside a house will only frighten him and make it difficult for him to learn. Consistency is the best way to train a dog.