3 Common Reasons Why Your Hair to Stop Growing

Hair problems often worry some people. Especially if you start feeling hair stop growing. Though healthy hair is a dream and a crown for everyone. Almost everyone follows the trend of the latest hairstyles or likes to change models in search of a new atmosphere. Especially with the many references spread on the internet, making it easier for people to find the desired model. One website that provides a complete haircut reference is Black Health and Wealth. Even though the segment is black, anyone can try the reference.

But unfortunately almost everyone has a problem with hair, one of which is hair that stops growing. Under normal circumstances, hair will usually grow at least half an inch every month. But that won’t happen if the hair is damaged due to a health problem or chemical reaction. Below are three reasons that explain a person’s hair stops growing:

– Hair Damage
Bleaching, also known as bleaching, bathing and rubbing hair, are some of the reasons why hair becomes brittle and dries up and causes hair to become damaged.

– Unhealthy scalp
Oil and hair care products that are too heavy will actually cause the pores of the scalp to become blocked. The end result, even hair that grows will become stunted. The trigger, the scalp breathing process does not go well. Try to use natural oils that more easily penetrate the hair. However, when you are forced to use heavy-duty products you should immediately wash your hair as soon as possible. If this is not done, the skin will become unhealthy. Then it will cause inflammation which makes hair difficult to grow back.

– Age
When you get older, someone’s hair will tend to become weak. Make hair look shorter and thinner. Coupled with the production of oil on the scalp which also begins to slow down. So that the condition of the hair becomes less hydrated and changes to become more rough.