How to Detect and Overcome Home Electricity Circles

Electricity short circuit is normal and normal, in every house, of course, there has been an electric surge, Konslet means a short circuit of electric current. In theory, the counseling is to connect the positive electric current and the negative electric current directly without being mediated by electronic devices or light bulbs, then there is an electric surge. To help you overcome this problem, you can contact ls electrician.

The following are some of the factors that cause electricity short circuit:

The installation cable is outdated or has been bite by mice,
Enter water into a socket or lamp fitting because there is a roof leak
The socket is entered in the crawling animal
Light bulbs break and cause short, some light bulbs will cause an electrical surge when it has been broken, we usually buy this type of light bulb at low prices. Other reasons are many more, can be caused by electronic devices that are not feasible to use.

Knowing the position where the electric surge occurs at home can be done without using any tools. The technique of detecting the following electrical zips is as accurate as detecting electrical zips using a tester.

When an electric surge occurs, the MCB will automatically disconnect the flow of electric current spontaneously, the MCB will trip or fall so that there is a total blackout or part of the room.
The characteristics of the electrical surge are if MCB trips / falls to the off position then when it is raised to the position ON MCB it will trip or fall back.
Keep the MCB off then
Position all switches and switches in the off position
Turn off all the equipment in your house, lights, socket, and other electrical appliances to turn them off without exception, do it carefully so that nothing is forgotten to turn off.
After all the equipment has been confirmed dead, return all MCB (Breaker) to the ON position
Turn on one by one light, socket, and other equipment. do it slowly and sequentially from the living room lights and so on to the kitchen.
If when turning on the light switch or the MCB trip socket / fall back then there is where the electrical surge occurs.