The Right Tips for Caring for a Swimming Pool

The swimming pool must always be clean, keep the water content and also the salt content. There are many things that must be considered if you have a swimming pool in your home, hotel or villa. If you don’t have a lot of time to take care of him routinely, leave it to the pool maintenance services in Bali. Caring for a swimming pool is not an easy job, it requires patience and sufficient knowledge to do it.

If you are not experienced, you will definitely be confused to do it. Do not know which one is done first and what equipment is used. Not to mention if the swimming pool is damaged or has a reduced function. I f there is damage, you need a pool renovation service from pool companies in lexington sc .

Every two times a week, you must pay attention to pH levels or acidity levels in water. The pH level of the pool is 7.2 – 7.6. It is very important to set the pH of the pool water because it otherwise can cause irritation or skin disorders. Improper acidity, not only damages the skin or causes irritation. But it also damages swimming pool equipment. If you are not experienced, you can use swimming pool maintenance services in Bali.

Pool sanitation must also be done. Pool sanitation is the process of sterilizing ponds from various bacteria and algae that can be destroyed. Both algae and bacteria can be removed using chlorine. While sterilizing swimming pools can use bromine. Chlorine is available in granules, liquids or tablets. You also need to know the amount of chlorine that is right for one pool. Also clean up other impurities such as leaves, plastic, bird droppings and more. It can be cleaned with a net. The tiles should also be cleaned so that there are no stain spots that cause slippage.

Every week you have to give Algaecide in the morning. This step is useful for destroying algae without having to damage the tiles or the pool floor. In addition, it is also an effort to control algae contaminants in swimming pools. You also have to pay attention to the pool water surface because usually small metal particles are found. Well, once a week you have to remove these particles using special chemicals for metals.