Tips for saving cooking gas

Propane gas is an important tool for housewives because here is the life of the kitchen which produces delicious food. Propane gas is also a commodity at an unstable price, in a year the price can rise 2-3 times and make many housewives tormented. Apart from that, go to propane delivery service near you whenever you’re running out of gas for cooking.

So the Cooks must be smart to use this Propane gas to save money, like the following:

Use of Standard Regulators

The first way to save Propane gas is the use of a standardized regulator. A good standard regulator is an automatic regulator, using an automatic regulator the gas will not come out if there is no source of the fire. Besides that, it will also save the quality of the hose which keeps the gas pressure when the stove is closed.

Paying attention to hose pressure

In addition to using a standard regulator, selecting and paying attention to hose pressure is also one way to save gas. Gas is pressing in all directions with a pressure of 500 psi. There is writing on the hose, at least the hose must have the ability to withstand a pressure of 500 psi too. If less than that, the hose will loosen quickly. As a result, the gas can come out through the interval.

Placement / Laying of Gas Cylinders

Placing or laying gas cylinders is also an effort to save Propane gas. Gas cylinders should not be placed directly in the grave but must use a base. The base of this tube can use ordinary wooden boards or special pads that use wheels. The point is to avoid crystallization at the bottom of the tube.

The shape of the crystal is like sand and causes the gas volume to decrease faster. Crystallization often occurs when the air is cold enough. If indeed this happens in our gas cylinders, how to overcome it is just to soak the gas cylinders in hot water for about 10-15 minutes.