These are three mistakes that are often made by Investor Property in the Pre-Purchase Phase

Many people invest in the property sector because it is considered a very profitable field. Compared to other investments, the property sector does have low risk but the benefits are quite high. One location that can be used as a place to invest is Lombok. In fact, many people choose visi-jabon as the best investment place.

Unfortunately, there are many people who still make mistakes when investing, especially when in the pre-purchase stage of the investment. Some mistakes that are still often made are

– First. Sometimes, investors, especially beginners, just buy a property without investigating the price. This investor does not compare prices between properties with other properties. The result is certainly fatal. If an investor buys at a price that is over price, it will certainly be difficult to sell it again. In the investment concept, buying as cheap as possible and selling as expensive as possible.

– Second, choose the wrong location. We certainly know the terms sunrise and sunset properties. Well, these sunset properties (undeveloped areas) are what the investor chooses. In the middle of the city for example. There are also location errors so the property is difficult to sell. There are those who buy in areas prone to brawls, floods. It could also, the area of property purchased was apparently slum and dirty. This is certainly a fatal mistake.

– Third, buy during peak. The peak period is where buying property when the property is in demand by many people. Here, of course, the price has already been very expensive so that an investor can be said to be late. When buying during a boom, investors should compete to sell, not buy. Because of the buying, the investor is difficult to sell because the price is too expensive.

You must avoid all three things and be aware. Because if not, then you will feel the loss with the investment that you run it. Be careful in every step or decision you make.

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