Trauma and Genetics Can Cause Someone Suffering from Panic Attack

A panic attack is a psychological disease that can result in a physical condition. Although there is still no clear cause for the emergence of these symptoms, there are three things that are thought to be able to trigger the emergence of this condition. Unfortunately, many people do not understand that they might be hit by a panic attack. If these symptoms are detected early on, the treatment will not be complicated, one of them using Ayahuasca healings. This alternative medicine is considered able to reduce the burden of psychological disorders experienced by some people.

The following are things that are suspected to be the cause of panic attacks:

– Genetic factors
In patients with a panic attack, genetic problems are one of the causes. There are some people who are already vulnerable to having panic attacks when they are born. But it is still unclear what physical problems underlie someone more vulnerable or not experiencing panic attacks.

– Anxiety problems when small
Problems and anxieties that arise when small are one of the other causes of this panic attack problem. When as a child, the person does not feel safe and comfortable so they tend to be more susceptible to experiencing these symptoms. Excessive anxiety and fear are one of the traumatic things that have grown since childhood in someone. In addition, a sense of responsibility that is too large for others can also make a person more susceptible to a panic attack when they grow up.

– Problems when mature
Another factor that causes the appearance of panic attacks is the problem and stress that is experienced continuously and unresolved. Problems that arise because of work, romance, or social relations can cause panic attacks when they are not resolved. Stress that accumulates and worries about the inability to handle this problem can trigger the onset of this disease.

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