Choosing car oil cannot be done carelessly. This is because it is possible that some brands and types of oil will not match the performance of your car. Therefore, you must understand the characteristics of your car engine, and must understand the viscosity of the oil you use for your vehicle. Meanwhile, check out the recommended Walmart Oil Change hours near your area.

Walmart oil change: Understand the Engine characteristic

The simplest way to choose the right oil for the car is to look at the book manual that was included during the purchase. Generally in the book explained about the exact engine specifications and type of oil. The most important thing is the compatibility with the engine and the quality, not the brand!

Oil viscosity

Even though it has the same function, oil cannot protect the engine to its full potential if the contents do not match the character of your car. Usually, these differences can be seen from the viscosity of oil fluid. This viscosity-grade viscosity level is indicated by the Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE) number.

The greater the number behind the SAE code, the more concentrated the liquid concentration is. For example, oil with the code SAE 15W-40. The code shows that the thickness of the winter (WAE) condition is 15 while it is hot 40.

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